• Copa Painting SeriesWhen the Sands Regency opened its new restaurant, The Copa Bar & Grill, the management team wanted art that would bring the room alive. The name of the restaurant was chosen to to evoke a memory of retro cool that was fondly associated with the Rat Pack. The original commission of three pieces was so popular that the budget was expanded to add two more to the collection. After illustration, these giant pieces were digitally printed on canvas and stretched on frames, then hand-glazed to yield a hand painted effect. The art is enjoyed by patrons and creates a fun and unique environment to enrich a modern dining experience.
  • The Nature of the BeastThe first of the Copa Painting Series depicting Frank being startled by a passing pooch in the parking lot as his friends laugh at his expense.
  • Top Banana2 pieces that hung together to create one story, this installment of the Copa Painting series pokes fun at the status of "The Other Guys" in the pack. Joey's feelings are hurt back stage as Dean reveals his outfit for the next act. The other two main characters laugh as the situation unfolds, while Peter is unsure in the background as this could mean similar things to come for him in the future.
  • The Precarious Nature of CoolAlways cool and composed, the boys fall all over themselves as they jockey for the attention of the woman in red.
  • Joey's RevengeThe three main Rat Pack icons appear dejected, confused and even angry as Joey has unwittingly captured the attention of every babe in the room.
  • Rat Pack CollageAlthough executed in the same manner and grand scale as the Copa Painting series, this stand alone piece hangs in the entry to the Copa restaurant while the series fill the rest of the room. Executed in a retro pop style, it speaks of the American mythology of the central trio in bright and vibrant colors.