Scooters Gone Wild :30 TV

A fun spot built primarily using still photography and animating it. Spot features employees of the Sands and the Gold Ranch properties portraying characters conceived by Skot Meyer to emulate a retro “B” biker film. The spot did a fantastic job of standing out in the market, enforcing the fun of the brands and catapulting front line employees to star status with their clientele. Photo shoot for the images used took one day, many props, the photographic excellence of Frank Haxton and the great attitude and self deprecating sense of humor of the company’s owner, Ferenc Szony.

100 Ways To Do It (Ale House Spot 1)

One of the controversial (for the Reno Market at least) Ale House spots. Utilizing the great camera work of Christopher Blanton and the copy writing, directing, editing and animation of Skot Meyer- this series of spots not only commanded great attention in the market, but won a number of advertising industry awards.

Take a Hike :30 Spot

An Addy Award winning piece, the pace of the editing, voice and music all blend to set a relaxed, warm and friendly tone. Combined with the graphic approach that reinforces the rural outdoor lifestyles of the areas inhabitants, it is easy to see why this spot was successful for this orthopedic practice.

JW Marriott Conde Naste Award

The pace of the editing, music and tone of this spot deliver a soothing message to reinforce the resorts pitch to locals and travelers alike. That every visit is a relaxing getaway.

Multiple Ferenc Disorder

One of the ways we have separated the Sands in the market is by implementing the approachable and widely recognized owner of the Sands, Ferenc Szony, as the central character in their advertising. During this spot we help address the identity of a restaurant on property. As always with our Sands television, the spot is clean, humorous and sticky with personality.